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About Fresh by SpinXpress.

Get Fresh. Stay Fresh. Be Fresh.

We believe Fresh is a feeling and we want to give you the feeling each and every day.
Feeling fresh starts with your clothes and impacts everything that you do.

Drop us a note and let us know how we can help you feel fresh.

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"As always, everything was great! My clothes smell wonderful and I love the little ribbons and bows that accompanied them when they're folded! I could not ask for a better service! "

-Lynne C.

Alfred S

"Really nice employees that care about quality and customer service."

-Alfred S.

Diane Z

"Convenient! It takes one more thing off my plate and allows me to do what I need to as a first responder."

-Diane Z

Helen O

"You all are just wonderful!! And my clothes are all so nicely folded. Bless you guys for starting this fabulous company."

-Helen O.