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We’ve put together this resource of popular questions that our customers ask when considering Fresh by SpinXpress. If your question isn’t listed below, please feel free to reach out to us directly!

I'm a new customer - how do I get laundry bags?

No laundry bags? No problem! On your first purchase, add the bag sizes/colors you would like to buy to your order. If you would like to meet the driver on the first pickup, we can bring your bags to you. Or, if you’re not home, simply leave your dirty clothes in the bag or hamper of your choosing and we’ll deliver your clean laundry back in Fresh by SpinXpress bags.

I'm a new customer - what do I need to order on my first order?

On your first order, order one or more Fresh laundry bags (these are yours to keep and you’ll use on future orders). Then select your laundry services. Laundry day done. 

How long does it take to get my order back?

We believe in getting you what you want — fast! We offer next day drop off service for all laundry and dry-cleaning orders. 

How do the laundry bags work?

Fresh offers two laundry bag sizes for all of your laundry items. We offer many bag colors to choose from, so you can get Fresh your way!

Wash & Fold Bags
Our wash and fold bags come in two sizes:
Medium Bag ($25 – holds 2-3 loads)
Large Bag ($40 – holds 4-5 loads)

Items in the wash & fold bags get treated like regular laundry – washed, dried and folded or hung.

Use these bags for your everyday laundry including clothing, towels, sheets, etc.

As part of the Fresh Wash & Fold laundry service, we hang all collared shirts, pants, dresses, and blouses unless you tell us to fold all items when your order is placed.

How much does it cost?

Our flat-rate wash and fold laundry pricing makes staying fresh predictable and affordable. We’ve eliminated the hassle and sticker shock of per pound pricing and instead offer a $25 bag and a $40 bag for wash & fold laundry. Fill your bags as full as you like – it doesn’t change the price!

Dry cleaning and pressed garments are priced per piece. All prices are clearly marked and best of all, delivery is always FREE.

Does Fresh sort my clothes before washing?

Yes! Fresh sorts all orders and checks garments for stains before washing for the whitest whites and the brightest brights. Our clean team separates whites, colors and darks, bleaching all whites and washing on warm. Colors are washed on cold. 

I won't be home for pickup or delivery - how does that work?

Not home? No problem! We can pick up and drop off right at your doorstep. You’ll get an update via text message with updates and you can track your order’s progress in the app along the way! 

Can I customize my laundry preferences?

Absolutely! Tell us about your fabric care preferences, wash & dry settings and if you want your order hung, folded or both.

We typically hang all shirts (including t-shirts), pants, blouses, & dresses for a wrinkle-free finish. If you want some or all items folded instead of hung, simply select the folded option when creating your order.

Make sure to select your complementary Fresh essential oil dryer sheet scents when placing your order for an ever Fresher laundry day.

How do Dry Cleaning & Launder Press Work?

We will provide a separate bag for dry cleaning and pressed items. Garments included in the dry-cleaning bag are either laundered or dry cleaned, then pressed or steamed depending on the instructions. Dry Cleaning services are priced per item. Prices are displayed in the app during the ordering process.

Can Fresh clean my bedding?

Every Fresh Day should start with fresh bedding! We clean all comforters, including down comforters. Simply select your comforter type in the app and schedule a pickup.

Should I have Fresh do all my laundry?

Our flat rate model and free delivery makes it easy and affordable to have all of your laundry done by Fresh. Whether you are a busy professional who simply doesn’t have time or a growing family with lots of laundry, we’ve got your back. With our flat rate pricing model, you’ll know exactly how much you’re going to pay and can easily decide if you want us to clean all of it or just some. No matter what, we’ll bring it back clean and fresh so your next day can be a Fresh Day.

I'm getting an error when I try to place an order through the app.

When signing up, make sure you select your city from the drop down on the Fresh home screen in the app before creating an account. Fresh is in multiple cities and signing up in a city different from your address will produce an error.

If you already signed up, but selected the wrong city, there is an easy fix!

Simply log out of the app, select the correct city from the drop down and log back in.  

Please contact us for further assistance!

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